Tuesday, June 20, 2006

In Baghdad Again

I'm in Baghdad but not on a Tiger Team debating copier toner deliveries. I'm actually in a 4 day class. Can't say what but it is incredibly boring as most of it is a rehash of what I already know. It's an interesting group of people to be sure and it is great to meet some of the people I have only had email contact with.

The PX here just blows the doors off of ours. They have frozen ribeyes from the USA and have a full scale "Power Zone" just like the PX at permanent bases. There is even a stand for Oakley sunglasses. I had to laugh at that one. I don't know how many times I have driven past Oakley's World HQ in OC and I still don't like their gear even though they are a home town company. I am going to pack up some ribeyes in a cooler (They sell those too) the day I fly back and carry them up to my fridge. I'll grill it and smoke a real Cuban Montecristo afterward. No Scotch, no Port afterward but you take what you can get. Getting Cuban cigars is weird. So many things are restricted and we have a trade embargo against Cuba but it is OK for us to buy the, have them, and smoke them. Ah, The Army in it's infinite wisdom.

I do get to spend some time with my favorite Lesbian though. I love Amy like a sister ("Brother?") and after class I go to her office and set up to wade through the 3000 emails I received while I was being "teached". She loves taking care of the men she loves and she dotes on me when I am around. I enjoy her company and it is nice to be able to talk with some one from SoCal with whom there is no competition or any sexual tension.


Anonymous Fritz said...

I knew there was something about Amy I liked. Guess we had more in common than I first thought!

7:35 AM  

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