Wednesday, June 08, 2005

One day and a wake up!

Only one more full day after today and then I am outta here for two weeks! I have been through a lot of stress this time around and am really looking forward to getting away for a while. I some times wonder how I can continue when I miss Carren, Tanner, and Bosco so much but our futures are so intertwined with the work I am doing that I can't just pack it in and go. My mood swings a lot when I get past 100 days and it is actually easier to work and stay focused early in my rotation rather than later. I guess that is why we had 90 day rotations in the Balkans. It did not seem like any big deal to lose one rotation a year but it is a heck of a big deal.

Lots of the Army personnel look at us and think it is unfair that they "only" get one R&R in their one year tour and we get 3. Fact is, they come over for 1 year only and then go home. We have been here since 2003 and will be here long after they have gone home and gotten on with life. At least they all know their end dates. I have goals but I really still only guess at mine.

I won't be posting while on R&R but I will return in early July. AMF YO-YO!


Blogger Russell Roberts said...

Hey James: Hope you had a good RR. One comment about the Army being jealous of KBR's 3 RRs vs their one. A closer look at the facts:

1. You get three/year, typically for 10 days each plus travel time

2. They get one, for 30 days annual leave.

Absent exceptions for people who take longer unpaid time off on their RRs, KBR people get the same amount of time off as the Army. Next issue?(I'm sure there is one...)

Bottom line: Iraq ain't a whole lotta fun for anyone who is over there and deployed military personnel have more in common with their civilian contractor counterparts than they often realize. So, to quote the not so great Rodney King: "Can't we just all get along?"

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