Saturday, January 15, 2005

New stuff!

I saw a real historical event yesterday. It was the first time that an Iraqi Army armored convoy went on patrol since the invasion. The marines have been hard at work training these guys and getting their equipment up to speed but it is starting to pay off. They will be much better fighters now that they have some armor for protection. Over here its is not so important to outgun as it is to outprotect!

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Taking it to the streets

I watched some of the boys saddling up for another day in the hood. They were going out in their up armored HUMMWVs and were armed with M-240s, M-249s, Mk 19s, etc. They are not happy with the indiginous population right now because they lost three of their brothers a few days ago. They had fire in their eyes and have ice water in their veins. They are so close to going home and it just does nothing but piss them off when this happens.

When will Haji learn? All they have to do is stop shooting at us and we will go home. It's that damn simple.
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