Saturday, March 26, 2005


My R&R was not everything I hoped for. it is becomming routine now and the homecomings are less and less intense. It is not that my wife does not care, she is just getting used to it. That has it's dangers but we work hard to keep in touch and keep complacency from setting in.

After two weeks at home I went to Zurich for 3 days. I had hoped to get some skiing in at one of the famous resorts there. not to be. The first night I was there I had Turkish food and I am guessing that it was the lamb that caused me to have a remake of War and Peace in my abdomen. Zurich is nice but I would not go back to it as a destination.

I came back from R&R a week ago and ran into a firestorm. The Army has invoked Alpha Contracting which means we are under an electron microscope when it comes to cost. We have spent the last week working on nothing but the budget for the upcoaming year. We have worked some brutal hours too. I put in 22 hours in one day and 18 the next. It is grueling but is still better than having to go outside the fence!

Every intel type I talk to says the insurgents are mentally worn down. The election that the media wanted to fail has had the effect we hoped it would. It showed the bad guys that they have no real popular support. These people do not want to go back to the days of Saddam and they damn sure don't want an Islamic Theocracy.


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